Portobello Mushroom Burgers

As you might know by now, I like to cook simple things, especially on week nights. I am a busy person, I sometimes just need something that I can put together quickly. I can also do fancy food and will at some point put more “advanced” recipes up here. But let’s face it, when you get home at night you want to cook something simple and filling, maybe not too heavy. And quick, please, “Don’t tell the Bride” is on at 8! So another thing I like apart from food in a bowl are burgers. Quick, easy, filling.

For this recipe you don’t even need to prepare a patty. Portobello mushrooms are your filling. Their kind of “meaty” texture make them a great burger. If you can’t find Portobello mushrooms (or giant mushrooms as they are sometimes also called), just use regular mushrooms and chop them up a little to use as a filling instead. Then assembling the burger is a fun activity for the whole family. You could try out different salads and toppings, maybe even breads. I kept it quite straight forward with mine, filling it with tomato and spinach. I like the slightly earthy taste of fresh spinach, but choose whatever you like. Just don’t be as greedy as I was, going for the “Big Mac” with a double patty. Unless you’re a cobra who can unhinge its lower jaw, it makes eating this delight a bit of a mess.

Here is what you need for one burger:

1 sesame seed bagel

1 Portobello mushroom (if you have an abnormally big mouth, go for two)

about 1 tablespoon of soy sauce

1/2 of a tomato, sliced

handful of baby spinach, washed

some vegan mayonnaise (I used the Lemongrass one from Plamil) and a spoon full of mango chutney

Slice the bagel into two halves and place them in the toaster. If the Portobellos have quite a thick skin, remove the skin. DO NOT WASH MUSHROOMS! Never. They already have so much water in them, if you wash them they soak even more and all you will end up with is a soup. Instead, clean them with a damp kitchen towel or cautiously scrap off the dirt with a knife. In a non-sticky pan, place the Portobellos with their stems facing down and heat on medium heat of a few minutes. They should release some water. Let them simmer in their own water for about 5 minutes. Then turn them around, having the stems facing upwards. Add the soy sauce and let them simmer for a few more minutes. Then take them out of the pan and let them sit for one or two minutes on a paper kitchen towel, as they will release some more water.

Meanwhile, after the bread is toasted, spread your mayonnaise on the bottom half, add the spinach and some slices of tomato. When ready, place the mushroom on the salad and top with some chutney. Put the top half of the bun on top and you are ready to go!

Portobello Burger for the greedy - double mushroom, double mayonnaise...

Portobello Burger for the greedy – double mushroom, double mayonnaise, chutney in between the two mushrooms…

You can serve the burger with some rustic chips or wedges, pumpkin chips or a side of cole slaw. Or just some olives, as I did.

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