Mango Lemongrass Creme // by Veggiephile

Mango Lemongrass Creme with Coriander

It has been very hot in the past weeks in Europe, a true summer. Even though I was complaining about the heat, being too hot, I still enjoyed having a proper summer, with lots of sunshine and ice cream. For a light dessert I tried out some new stuff and came up with this creamy dream. The flavours are inspired by South-East Asia, and make a refreshing dessert. It’s base is silken tofu, but if you are allergic to soya or try to avoid it, this also works very well with coconut yogurt, although it will be slightly less creamy. I got the lemongrass powder in my local Asia shop. Use it with caution, it can be quite strong, flavourwise.

Mango Lemongrass Creme // by Veggiephile

Mango and Lemongrass with Coriander and a bit of Coconut – what’s not to like?!

Here is what you need for about 3-4 dessert servings:

300 gr silken tofu

1 mango

juice of 1 juicy lime

3 stalks fresh coriander / cilantro

1/4 cup coconut milk (I used full fat)

2 tbsp agave nectar

1 tsp dried lemongrass powder

pinch of salt

Get the flesh off the mango and put it into a food processor (you can also use a stick blender and a bowl). Add the juice of the lime and the remaining ingredients. You can chop the coriander a little before adding it to the food processor, depending on you model. Then just mix the whole thing until you have a smooth, creamy mass, and the coriander is finely chopped and evenly distributed. Taste the creme and add more lemongrass powder, lime juice etc. if desired. Fill into glasses, bowls, cups or whatever you want to serve it in and chill in the fridge for a couple of hours. You can serve it plain, with fresh raspberries, mango pulp or dissected coconut. Enjoy!

Mango Lemongrass Creme // by Veggiephile

Mango Lemongrass Creme – an easy dessert full of flavour.

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